Fountain Gallery Hosts ‘Into Central Park: Photographs By Leonard Aschenbrand’

NEW YORK CITY — Foun- tain Gallery, representing artists with mental illness, announces the solo exhibition “Into Central Park: Pho- tographs By Leonard Aschen- brand,” on view through Octo- ber 30.

“As I sifted through Leonard Aschenbrand’s encyclopedic trove of images shot in Central Park, I began to see the park

through his eyes,” said Foun- tain Gallery manager Ariel Willmott, who organized the exhibition. “Len’s collection offers a getaway from hectic city life into moments of won- derment at the plants, wildlife and grandeur of this place.”

Aschenbrand, a self-taught photographer, has logged countless hours capturing images of the inhabitants and vistas of Central Park. In all

bition range from the bril- liantly hued “Peak Fall Colors” and “Monarch Butterfly Feed- ing” to the strikingly com- posed “Central Park South Through Tree Branches” and “Pagoda Reflection Two.”

Also included among the show’s 39 works is the darkly haunting “Armageddon,” Aschenbrand’s distinctly origi- nal take on Bethesda Fountain and its crowning angel, pho-

Leonard Aschenbrand,seasons,hehastraversedthetographedunderathreaten- “Central Park Southterrainofthisurbanoasis,ingwintersky.

Through Tree Branches,” 2012, digital photograph, 18 by 12 inches. Courtesy Fountain Gallery.

documenting birds and butter- Fountain Gallery is at 702 flies, flowers and trees, monu- Ninth Avenue. For additional ments and structures. The information, 212-262-2756 or works presented in this exhi-


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