The Art of Fashion

By: Camille Tibaldeo


Fountain House Gallery was chock-full of artists, art lovers, and friends at the opening reception for the group show “The Art of Fashion.” The exuberant crowd got a jump on summer merriment as they viewed this lively exhibit of more than 70 works in mediums including drawing, painting, sculpture, textile, and video.

Marina Marchand, C'est La Mode

Pieces by 37 Gallery artists were selected for the show by curator Kathy Battista, Program Director, MA Contemporary Art, Sotheby’s Institute of Art New York, who added to the mix a number of works by 7 mainstream contemporary artists. Kathy commented that “the work of mainstream artists sits effortlessly with that of the Fountain House Gallery artists, and creates a dynamic and fun dialogue across generations and styles." 

Angela Rogers, Star Chillen

Kathy further noted that “art and fashion have a symbiotic relationship. I love that the artists have considered fashion in the broadest sense, from personal style and identity politics to street art and celebrity culture. Abstract patterns that derive from textiles, as well as works derived from textiles themselves, play an important role in the show.”

Martin Cohen, Cindy Crosses the Street

Gallery artist Marina Marchand’s boldly-hued work “C’est La Mode” was chosen to appear in all show ads and promotions. Pieces of “wearable art” are displayed on mannequins and hangers; hand-printed fabrics in various palettes are festooned around the Gallery. (There is even a pink pussy hat, and a grouping of shoes that serve as flowerpots.) The exhibit includes tributes to fashion photography, street style, and fashion and celebrity notables including Cindy Crawford, Adele, and 2 Biancas: Jagger and Del Rio. Even animal companions take a bow as “style icons” in this witty and effervescent show.

Ella Veres, Shoe Parade (Cole Haan 5 1/2)

If you haven’t yet seen “The Art of Fashion,” there’s plenty of time to include it in your summertime wanderings. The exhibit will remain on view at Fountain House Gallery through August 9.

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