Zeus Hope

A lifelong New Yorker, Zeus’s artmaking began during her grade-school years, when she created complex doodles in the margins of daily newspapers. She holds a BS in World Gender and Women’s Studies from CUNY. Zeus’s art presents bold statements on race, class, gender, abuse and trauma, with these subject matters woven together in the same frame to striking effect. Her half-century of art education and artmaking includes classes at community-based organizations and art schools, and online art technique courses and master classes. Zeus's love for her heritage strongly informs her work; her pieces highlight the history of Black people, the fierce circumstances that impacted and oppressed their existence, and their resilience and legacy of liberation. These elements also play a major role in her healing from childhood trauma. Zeus’s “inherited” creativity derives from family members gifted in the art of creating from scratch and repurposing. These practices continue to inspire Zeus’s creative expression and are manifest in her multi-dimensional collages and assemblages. Her works include use of materials such as acrylic, rope, glass, rhinestones, paper, fabric, metals, detritus, magazines, photographs, vintage tools, pens, push pins, markers, buttons, ink, wire and mesh. Zeus's process begins when her mind latches on to an idea and she commits to finding the right moving parts, which may take from days to months. An August 2020 New York Times piece – one of a series in which the publication “discovered” artists on Instagram – described Zeus’s work as "stunning.”

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